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Horn Bracelets
Long Silver Wrist Cuff
2-Tone Studded Long Cuff
3-Tone Elephant Long Cuff
3-Tone Studded Long Cuff - 5"
African Connection Bracelet
Afrocentric Bone Bracelet
Amber Plastic Bracelet
Ankh Cuff : Brass
Ankh Cuff : Gold
Ankh Cuff : Silver
Black Beaded Hinge Bracelet : Gold
Black Beaded Hinge Bracelet : Silver
Black Cowrie Shell Bracelet
Black Elephant Hair Plant Fiber Bracelet
Black Nigerian Leather Bracelets
Brass & Copper Elephant Bracelet
Brass Elephant Bracelet
Brass Engraved Princess Cuff
Bronze & Copper Elephant Hair Bracelet
Bronze Elephant Hair Fiber Bracelet
Carnelian Stone Silver Bracelet
Childrens Kenyan Beaded Leather Bracelet
Children's Size : Black Leather Bracelet
Children's Size : Red Leather Bracelet
Color Embellished Sliver Cuff : Green
Color Embellished Sliver Cuff : Orange
Color Embellished Sliver Cuff : Pink
Copper & Brass Wide Elephant Bracelet
Copper Elephant Hair Fiber Bracelet
Cow Horn Bangle : Full-Size
Cow Horn Bracelet - Assorted Colors
Cow Horn Bracelet : Assorted Over-Sized
Cow Horn Cuff - Assorted Colors
Cowrie Shell Bracelet : Black
Cowrie Shell Bracelet : Rasta
Cream-Colored Leather Bracelet
Decorative Wooden Elastic Bracelet
Elephant Engraved Gold Cuff
Elephant Engraved Long Gold Cuff
Elephant Engraved Silver Cuff
Embellished Brass Cuff
Embellished Long Gold Cuff
Embellished Long Silver Cuff
Embellished Silver Cuff
Engraved Fashion Cuff : Gold
Engraved Fashion Cuff : Steel-Gray
Fish Scale Fashion Cuff : Gold
Fish Scale Fashion Cuff : Silver
Fish Scale Fashion Cuff : Steel-Gray
Gold & Copper 2-Tone Elephant Long Cuff
Gold Cuff
Gold Hammered Cuff
Gold Studded Long Cuff
Gold Tone Elephant Cuff
Gold V.I.P. Bracelet
Kenyan Beaded Leather Bracelet
Long Brass & Copper Wrist Cuff
Magnetic Bracelet : W/ Mini Blue Stones
Magnetic Bracelet : W/ Pearl Stones
Magnetic Bracelet w/Multi Colored Beads
Magnetic Bracelet/Necklace : Assorted
Magnetic Hematite Bracelet
Massai Beaded Bracelet - Children's Size
Massai Beaded Bracelet - Round Rasta
Massai Beaded Bracelet - Wrap-Around
Massai Beaded Bracelets - Round
Massai Clip-On Children's Bracelet
Multi-Color Beaded Hinge Bracelet : Gold
Overlapping Wood Elastic Bracelet
Over-Sized Cow Horn Cuff - Assorted
Plastic Stone Bracelet - Earth-Brown
Plastic Stone Bracelet - Mountain-Gray
Plastic Stone Bracelet - Water-Blue
Polished Bronze Bracelet : Leaves
Polished Bronze Bracelet : Long Plate
Polished Bronze Bracelet : Round Sun
Polished Bronze Bracelet : Square Plate
Red African Leather Bracelet
Red Nigerian Leather Bracelets
Round Plate Bracelet : Gold
Round Plate Bracelet : Silver
Round Plate Bracelet : Steel-Gray
Set Of 12 Assorted Evil Eye Bracelets
Set Of 12 Assorted Stone Bracelets
Set Of 12 Beaded Bracelets : Child-Sized
Set Of 12 Beaded Bracelets : Full-Sized
Set Of 12 I Love Jesus Bracelets
Set Of 12 Iridescent Animal Bracelets
Set Of 12 Jesus Fish Bracelets
Set of 12 Rasta Bracelets
Set Of 12 Rasta Cord Bracelets
Set Of 12 Rasta Fashion Bracelets
Set Of 12 Trade Bead Bracelets
Set Of 12 Woven Bracelets
Set Of 12 Woven Rasta Bracelets
Set Of 6 Metallic Fashion Cuffs
Silver 3-Tone Elephant Cuff
Silver Circular Cuff
Silver Cuff
Silver Elephant Cuff
Silver Engraved Cuff
Silver Engraved Empress Cuff
Silver Hammered Cuff
Silver Studded Long Cuff
Silver/Brass/Copper 3-Tone Cuff
Single Cowrie Shell Leather Bracelet
Spiral Beaded Bracelet - Amber Color
Spiral Beaded Bracelet - Wood Color
Triangular Elephant Bracelet
Turquoise 3-Stone Silver Bracelet
Turquoise Evening Bracelet
Turquoise Stone Metal Fashion Bracelet
Turquoise Stone Precious Bracelet
White Bone Bracelet
White Opal Stone Precious Bracelet
Wide Band Silver Cowrie Shell Bracelet
Wide Horn Bracelets
Wire Bracelet : Steel
Woven Recycle Bracelet : Children's Size
Woven Tuareg Bracelet
Yellow Leather Bracelet - Burkina Faso
Color Embellished Sliver Cuff : Orange
Color Embellished Sliver Cuff : Orange
Price: $14.95
Sale Price: $7.48
Product id: AB1623 BJ-B043
Availability: In stock

Color Embellished Silver Cuff - Orange
Add a dash of vibrant color to your look with this orange cuff. 2" tall. Made in India. J-B043

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