Vastu & Pyramids
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Vastu & Pyramids
Agro Pyramid(pyramid for agriculture)
Bemor 9x9(energy and luck enhancer)
Copper Pyramid Top 4"
Copper Pyramid for subtle energy
Energy 9x9 - Shree Ganesh(ganesh energy in the center)
Energy 9x9(Pynergy for house, shop and office)
Max Booster Plate(for max and super-max)
Multier 9x9 - MAX(10 times more powerful than multier)
Multier 9x9 - original(multi layer pyramid set)
Multier Plus(multier with booster plate)
Natron(for bathroom and toilet)
Om Pyramid For fortune(set of 3)
Paper Card
Pyra cap - Hard paper- 5.5"(set of 2)
Pyra Card - For business & Career
Pyra card- For Energy & Vitality
Pyra card- For Luck & Fortune
Pyra card- For Money & Finance
pyra card-luck & fortune
Pyra card-Set of Four
Pyra Navgarh Set - Line Plate set
Pyra Navgarh Set - Square Plate
Pyra Navgrah I(set of 2)
Pyra Navgrah II(set of 2)
Pyra Navgrah III
Pyra Navgrah IV
Pyra Top - 9"
Pyramid Box - Wooden
Pyramid Cap - Hard Paper
Pyramid Chips Set of 9 (1.7")(2 units)
Pyramid Chips Set of 9 (2.5")
Pyramid for fengshui and vastu Book
Pyramid Key Chain
Pyramid Set Pyra Top, Pyra Plate & 9 Pyra Chips - 6"
Pyramid Wish Machine
Pyramidal Key-Chain -(18 Pyramid)(set of 2)
Pyramids ChipsSet of 9 - 1.2"(2 units)
Pyramids Key Chain(set of 3)
Pyramids Set Pyra Top, Plate & Chips - 4.5"
Shubham Swastik Yantra 9"x9"
Staircase 9x9(set of 3 for staircase defects)
Super MAX(with 4 directional and center gold power)
Swastik Pyramid
Swastik Pyramid(Golden)
Tri-Energy Yantra
Trishul Pyramid

  As Great pyramids do, their small models with accurate measurement  with empty space inside them increases electro magnetic energy and bio cosmic energy along with other forms of energy. These energies and the individual self energy causes interrelated effect, which results into a feeling of consciousness in the individual.

The pyramid corners are the symbols of peacefulness, seriousness, wisdom and truth. Its conical part is the symbol of tri-level spiritual power. The northern part of the pyramid represents heat, southern represents cold, and eastern is for light whereas the western part stands for darkness.

This has been accepted that pyramid is a symbol for health and strong energy. The special shape of pyramid produces a special energy that helps the body to prolong for thousands of years. Magnetic elements of the earth circulate in the hollow of pyramids and that is the reason that dead   bodies do not decay in the pyramids  and remain safe. The 'Mummies' of ancient times are safe and secure even today without any chemical-procedure, because they were kept in pyramids. The uses of pyramid brings  happiness and prosperity.

Pyramids are strange creations and their wonderful and miraculous power of healing is a surprise even for scientists. The pyramid and its creation has puzzled and attracted the attention of people for many centuries. Its history, shape and size have been a mystery for many eras. But the most wonderful thing of it is its effects and functions.

Now practically our scientists are researchers have developed miniature form of pyramids in its accurate dimensions to produce the same effect of the natural pyramids. It is used by thousands people around the globe to solve their problems in life and to get connection with the cosmic energy to lead a peaceful and healthy life.

Pyramids are used to correct the vastu defects of a particular place or room. Pyramids remove the blocks. Pyramid water is a healthy tonic. Food kept in pyramid is more tastier and removes the bad effects of food.

Link your mind with the pyramid you are using. No matter  whether it is small or big. You will get the connection of cosmic energy through the pyramid. Once it is achieved, the pyramid will guide you throughout  your life. It will bring you luck and removes spiritual blocks. It will protect you from negative elements.

Practical uses of Pyramids in  life :

Pyramid helps  to fulfill your wishes.  It cures social , psychological, domestic and physical problems. It directs you to change the mode of life to a new direction. It creates coordination in  life and removes the inter personal conflicts. Pyramid is a solution for many ailments that human beings  suffer.  

Pyramids are essential in each room since it balances the cosmic energy in a particular place. It converts the negative energy produced by the TV, fridge and other electric equipments to positive energy. 

Food kept in the pyramid is more delicious. Recharge your dry cell in a week.  Enhance the quality of milk. Increase the shining of jewelries. More tasty frozen food. Herbs and honey becomes surprising tonic and its healing powers are amazing. Keep the bread in pyramids for weeks  together. Enhanced flavor for fruits  and vegetables. 

Preserve the flowers long. Pyramid sprouts are the richest source of energy. Removes the unnatural orders of tobacco. Tobacco is less toxic if kept under pyramids. Pyramid under the pillow can cure insomnia. Helps in sound sleep. Reduce pain. Pyramid charged cosmetics and herbal creams give much better results.  Helps students in exam blues. Helps in deeper meditation. The spiritual powers of pyramids are beyond explanation.


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