Bioceramic Health care
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Bioceramic Health care

Far Infrared Rays   .......  Light of Life

      FAR INFRA RED RAY (FIR)   is aptly named as "LIGHT OF LIFE",  the source of energy of all living beings on earth. It is the light spectrum that our body absorbs from sun light. It is abundant in morning and evening sun 

    FIR has vast penetrating and healing powers. That is why  bio ceramics is coated inside the space shuttle to duplicate energy of sunlight. The first dress an astronaut wearing is lined with bio ceramics inside !.    Now the same technology is within your reach !.

   Bio ceramics, which emits Far infra red rays :  26 types of ceramics mixed with certain oxides and preheated to 1600 degree C and shaped into bio ceramic products to heal various ailments.

    The Far Infrared Rays (FIR) produced by bio ceramic enhance the body’s micro-circulatory system, strengthens the body' metabolic system & improves body resistance.

     Do you know the total length of blood vessels in our body?  It is 60,000 Kilo meters long !. Do you know the size of the smallest capillaries and veins in our body ? Split the hair seven times and that is the size of minute veins and capillaries. Blood is expected to flow through all these routes continuously.  .

    Only FIR can penetrate into the body up to 2-3 inches and remove the blocks through a process called resonance and normalize the blood circulation. Naturally you get healed. 

    All these  happen in a period of 1 to 6 months depending on one's health and toxin  level in the body.

    The third benefit is the reinforcement of the immune system of our bodies against diseases. This is part of the effects of the improvement in the micro-circulatory system and metabolism of the body. It helps to slow down the aging process, increase resistance against diseases and promote longevity.

    FIR is known as the "Light of Life" because it has brought life to the Earth. 

    Our bodies too can produce FIR . This is called bio genetic ray. The intensity of FIR produced by the human being varies from person to person. However, when it begins to decline, the human body will be subjected to attacks by ailments and diseases, age quickly and become old and there be a decline in the state of health and when we are about to face death, FIR radiation from the human body will be near to zero.


    All products helps in preventing, controlling and relieving various ailments. Results may vary from individual to individual depending on their age, body constituency and severity of ailment/s and toxin level in the body. No medicinal system gives guarantee on health products. Company recommends to use the products 3 to 6 months for cure. Curing time varies from person to person.   But from our experience, 90 -93 %  is the success rate and of course this is a miracle.

    It is a supporting therapy. Medicines can be continued as per the direction of physician. It does not tell you to stop your medicine immediately. For example, you need to check your BP level and diabetics level every month if you are using bioceramic products (T-shirt) for controlling BP and diabetics and reduce the medicine as per the test  result. Please note that the relief is permanent  and not temporary.

    Bioceramic products are little bit costlier since the the 26 types of ceramics are collected from various parts of the world. But when compared to the result, the price is nothing. We send products world wide.

Is there any side effects ?

    There is absolutely no side effects for Bio ceramic and FIR since it is natural and required by human body.  No case of side effect was reported till date. Premature born babies are kept in an Infra red ray chamber immediately after delivery. So you can think about its importance in life.

    For certain people when they use bioceramic products, a heating sensation or little discomfort is felt in the first few days. This is normal and is called healing symptom. It is an indication that the FIR has started working in your body. Drink enough water. If you feel too much uneasiness, remove it on that day and continue next day. Slowly increase the duration of wearing to a minimum of 8 hours a day. Wash the products with shampoo or toilet soap. Never use brush or strong detergents. Products will remain for years.

    For swelling or pains, when started using bioceramic, sometimes the pain may aggravate slightly. This is normal and after few days, pain will reduce drastically.

There is no side effect. Even then we do not recommend bio ceramic products people

  •  those who have organ transplantation has conducted. ( They live with a foreign body and is not natural)

  •  those who have implanted a pace maker in body . ( It is also not natural)

  •  those kidneys are very weak and hospitalized.( Only socks is recommended at that time)

  •  for very weak persons,  who are fighting with life.

How to choose the products?

    Generally you can choose products from the list below or go through the details of all the products or send  the brief history of your ailments to the doctor for free consultation and recommendation of the products. You can avoid purchasing unnecessary things by consulting with the doctor.    CONSULT  DOCTOR .

  • Head aches  - Head band, eye band, pillow pad , socks.

  • Low blood pressure - T-shirt, socks, sun beads , bed sheet. Pillow pad.

  • High blood pressure  - T-shirt, socks, sun beads , bed sheet.

  • Diabetes  T-shirt, socks, sun beads , bed sheet, waist belt .

  • Asthma - T-shirt, socks, sun beads , bed sheet, FIR water.

  • Stroke patients - T-shirt, socks, sun beads , sun beads, bed sheet, waist belt, pillow pad.

  • Cancer patients - Bed sheet, socks , T-Shirt, Brief, pillow pad.

  • Pregnant Ladies - Bed sheet , socks , Brassiere, brief.

  • Prostrate gland - Brief, waist belt , socks,

  • Piles - Brief, socks, sitting pad.

  • Kidney problems - waist belt, socks, T- shirt.

  • Gouty arthritis - Bed sheet, socks, T-shirt , waist belt, elbow brace

  • Heart problems - Health card , sun beads, socks.

  • Rheumatism - Bed sheet, socks, T-shirt, elbow brace, knee brace, pillow pad

  • Breast cancer - brassier, socks , necklace.

  • Leg pain, varicose vain, smell of foot, sole crack - Socks, brief.

  • Back pain - waist belt , socks , brief.

  • skin diseases - soap

  • Dandruff and hair fall - shampoo, pillow pad, socks.

  • All Eye diseases, short & long sight - eye pad.

  • Sinusitis- Eye pad, pillow pad, socks.

  • Neck & goiter  - Cervical collar , pillow pad.

  • Menstrual problems &pain - Brief, menstrual pad, socks.

  • Sleeplessness - Pillow pad, socks, bedsheet.

  • Children - Pillow pad to improve memory. 





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