Pakua Mirror. It is universe on sale
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Pakua Mirror. It is  universe

Pakua Mirror. It is universe

Price: $28.00
Sale Price: $14.00
Height: 4
Width: 4
Product id: D5335 BDVFS17
Availability: In stock

Pa kua (also referred as Bagua) is the most dynamic symbol which shows the interaction of Yin and Yang and the five elements which sustain the universe. In a symbolic way Pa kua represents the entire universe.

Just like the form of lord Krishna embodies the Viswaroopa, so also the Pa kua embodies within it the entire universe. Everything which we sense and recognize the universe is in the Pa kua. It is the universe in the miniature form.

The yang or the male form of energy is represented by three unbroken lines. The yin or the female part of the energy is represented by three broken lines as under.

The Pa kua mirror is put on the walls exactly at the middle and top of the main entrance of the home or office or any other building. Do not put it inside. It will ward of all the negative energies directed towards your house or office. It prohibits entry of persons with negative intentions.

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