Magnetic Back & Belly Belt - 12 Magnet Pyra Point - Cloth/Jeans on sale
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Magnetic Back & Belly Belt - 12 Magnet Pyra Point - Cloth/Jeans
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Magnetic Back & Belly Belt - 12 Magnet Pyra Point - Cloth/Jeans

Magnetic Back & Belly Belt - 12 Magnet Pyra Point - Cloth/Jeans

Price: $74.00
Sale Price: $37.00
Product id: D5525 BMH55A
Availability: In stock

Back and belly belt is a magnetic belt to wear around the belly to relieve from many diseases like back ache, obesity and indigestion. Back and belly belt increases the blood flow to the abdominal walls and dissolves the excessive calcium deposits on the wall of the blood vessels. It improves the digestive system. The iron particles in the blood are attracted towards the magnetic field created by back and belly belt, thus improving the blood flow.

Usage: Use it for 15 to 30 minutes daily.

Available Size: 26, 28, 30, 32, 34, 36, 38, 40 42 and 44.

Who Uses Magnets in healing ?

Like any treatment, there are a variety of people who testify to the beneficial effects of the treatment. The magnets are no exception. Magnets nowadays are sold alongside products such as heat pads, electrical blankets etc. Many companies have entered the market of magnets to gain the expanding number of consumers. One major portion of consumers of magnets is athletes who use magnets to relieve pain before and after games. A large number of athletes during the Summer Olympic Games have also used magnets. They got pain relief without any systematic effects that might cause them to be disqualified, says the president of BIOflex Medical Magnetics.. Other athletes such as Hideki Irabu, pitcher for the New York Yankees, and Senior PGA golfer Jim Colbert, use magnets while they perform. Magnets have become so popular among athletes, that they have started endorsing magnets alongside shoes and drinks. They use the magnets because of the absence of side effects.

Athletes are not just the group that uses magnets in healing. As a popular tool among the masses, magnets have seemed to help a large number to relieve different ailments. There are lot of companies who sell magnetic equipment to average consumers. The products range from magnetic bracelets to sleeping pads to magnetic foot strips are available in the market. These different devices have had continuous growth among the public over the last few years. Last year alone, the public bought 1.5 billion dollars worth of magnet products.

A major quality of magnets that has attracted many is the ease of use of magnetic healing products. Magnets, although a fairly new concept in the world of medicine, seem to be popular among the people. But, how did magnets become so popular? The answer to this question lies in the companies that make magnetic healthcare products. They are the ones that have advocated magnetic therapy to the world in many different ways. The companies, like any other manufacturing and marketing company selling its product, are looking for consumers to buy magnetic healthcare products.

They have given the idea that magnets heal naturally and have used this to boost the popularity of their product.

Magnets are popular for one reason that they have helped many people. Their natural way of healing provides a logical explanation of how tha magnets work. Magnetic therapy today has attracted the interest of people who want to avoid regular medications. These magnets, usually available through web sites and catalogs, can be contained in bracelets and mattress pads, and articles of clothing. With such versatility, magnet usage has increased within a short period of time, without any major problems. If this trend continues, magnets would be used more in the future.

After extensive research, researchers have found studies that promoted the use of magnets. None of the studies about magnets showed any adverse side effects that might have hurt the credibility of magnet use. Clearly, the use of magnetic healing seems to be very a potential treatment in the world of alternative medicine.

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