Magnetic Diabetes Belt - Deluxe on sale
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Magnetic Diabetes Belt - Deluxe

Magnetic Diabetes Belt - Deluxe

Price: $28.00
Sale Price: $14.00
Product id: D5529 BMH57
Availability: In stock

Magnetic diabetics belt is an a product to help controlling the insulin level in the body by activating the pancreas blood circulation. There by helping to control the diabetics. This magnetic belt is also valuable in the treatment of liver for liver disorders, endocrine glands, stomach for belly pain, solar plexus for naval etc.

Magnet has no side effects. Magnets decreases the healing time by 50%. It is natural alternative therapy and been used since 800BC. 425 Million people have used magnetic healing till date. Magnetic belt is easy to use and a scientific alternative.

How Do Magnets Work in healing?

To understand how magnets work within the body, some basic anatomy and physiology is required. Human blood is  a living tissue that moves around your whole body via a network of arteries, veins and capillaries.  Blood carries nutrients, oxygen, hormones, antibodies, heat, electrolytes and vitamins to the body’s tissues.  Blood contains red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, plasma, electrolytes, hormones, minerals and iron.
Blood flows around the body in arteries, veins and capillaries. The blood is moved from the heart to the lungs.  where it picks up oxygen and then transports it to all the organs and tissues. Every part of the body depends on blood to provide the necessary oxygen and nutrients it needs to survive.

 How Do Magnetic Fields Affect Blood Flow?

Magnets are composed of metal alloys such as iron, nickel or cobalt etc.  Magnets  attract many  types of metallic particles. The blood contains iron. When therapeutic magnets are placed on the skin, the magnetic field penetrates through the human skin and to the  tissues and blood stream. The iron in the blood is attracted to the magnetic field.  This magnetic attraction causes movement within the blood stream and the increased movement and  activity causes the blood flow to improve.

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