Pyramid Wish Machine on sale
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Pyramid Wish Machine

Pyramid Wish Machine

Price: $40.00
Sale Price: $28.99
Product id: D5587 BPR159
Availability: In stock

Pyramid wish machine or wish pyramid is completely new and amazing. It's a mechanism for concentrating unseen psychic energy, discovered as a source of mystical energy, being tried for making dreams come true. It helps to fulfill  your dreams  and also helps to harmonize your relationships and to make your environment lively and happily.

It is a combination of plate with pyramid chips, copper dome & pyramid. It's made by neutron material, accurate in dimensions, neutral property, anti-corrosion and long lasting.

Pyramids are of conical shape, and due to its conical shape they absorb the topmost celestial cosmic energy inside themselves.  The  empty space inside pyramids  increases the electro-magnetic energy and the bio-cosmic energy along with other forms of energies.

There are many ways to make your dreams come true. But to fulfill your wishes, the Wish Pyramid Yantra is very personal, effective, easy and safe way.


1. Write your wish on a 70x70 mm pure white triangular paper with red ink. Begin it with the name of almighty God in which you have faith. Make sure that your wish is valid and acceptable to your conscience.

2. Make 2 folds of the paper and place it under the cosmic dome of the wish machine and place the pyramid over it.

3. Sit peacefully in a calm place ( Preferably North-east side of your house , room, business place or office) and hold the wish machine in the left hand and place the right hand above with a relaxed mind.

4. Repeat your wish for 3 minutes and place the wish pyramid in a safe place. ( preferably North-east).

5. Continue the process twice daily until your wish is fulfilled.

6. To strengthen the wishes - while repeating the wishes every day, sit East faced for Love, Peace, Spirituality, Happiness, Satisfaction, Fame and Prosperity. Sit West faced for Health and Interpersonal relations. Sit North faced for Money, Goods, Land, Buildings,  Authority, Jewelries, promotion, business, comfort and facility. Sit South faced for safety from anti parties and enemies and from their  misdeeds.

7. Never try to harm anybody with the wish pyramid as you are using the power of cosmic energy and the individual psychic energy.


1. Keep the Pyramids in each room. They will destroy all negative forces created by TVs, Fridge, etc and convert them into positive energy.

2. Keep it on study table.  Students get more attention to towards their studies.

3. Place it on your office table. It helps to get a clear, strong and steady frame of mind. It gives answers to your day to day business problems. Always link your mind with the pyramid to receive the cosmic energy.

4. It helps to solve Delayed marriages, Un-Employment, Decrease in trade, Misunderstanding in the family etc.

5. Vastu defects can be rectified without demolition. Keep the pyramids inside the incorrectly build Kitchen, toilet or room. The ill effect can be rectified.



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