Pyra Card - For business & Career on sale
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Pyra Card - For business & Career
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Pyra card- For Luck & Fortune
Pyra card- For Money & Finance
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Pyra Card - For business & Career

Pyra Card - For business & Career

Price: $35.00
Sale Price: $29.99
Product id: D6784 BPR183A
Availability: In stock

Make Fortune - Set of 4 Pyra Cards with book on MAKE FORTUNE WITH PYRA CARD

For Business & Career

For Money & Finance

For Luck &  Fortune

For Energy & Vitality

Pyra Card is a revolutionary Pyramid Yantra conceptualized and originated by world renowned pyra Vastu Master Prof. Dr. Jitan Bhatt. It is based on oriental wisdom and modern research. It is based on oriental wisdom and modern research.

Pyra Card empowers you to achieve both spiritual and materialistic wealth. It is enriched with a Magical square, Pyramid grid, 9 copper pyramids, Beneficial cosmic colors,  Gold disc and a FaMaa activator.

How to use ?  Remove from the packing and turn your pyra card back. Now follow the steps as below.

1. Remove the plastic shield 2. Fix your photo visible from outside 3. Make your signature 4. Replace the plastic shield again.

Now place the pyra card in your left hand, pyramid facing upwards. Gently place your right hand on the top. Repeat your wish daily. Now place your pyra card in your pocket or purse and explore the power of pyramid yantra!

The Book explains the secret features of Pyra card, How to use, Types of Pyra card, Universal harmony, interaction of Effort & fortune, Magic of nine in astrology, astronomy and vastu, Magic square grid of nine, Find your missing force and destiny, find your pyra number, FaMaa orientation for programming, FAQ and How the card works etc.

How will I know if pyra card is working?  Things will start to change. They may happen on subtle level, for example your happiness may increase or your attitude to life may alter. Things may also happen in a more tangible way, such as an unexpected phone call with a job offer, or more related to your problem.

Can Pyra card help people who do not believe in it? I have seen some immediate and pwerful effect rewarding the work of self confessed unbelievers. Pyra Card is a not a form of magic, it works on the scientific principles of space and mind, and will have and effect whether or not people can feel it or know that it is being used. But if a positive mind and strong faith is added, it can give miraculous results.

How long will it be before I begin to get results? I have seen immediate and dramatic results in pyramids, but it can also take time. Possibly the process is connected to our ability to adapt to change. Pyra Card can help get the most from your life, but just as glowing good health needs careful attention to diet, exercise and life style, pyra card will require a little time and care before you see dramatic results.

Are there any equipments to measure the chagne made by the pyramids? Yes, it can  definitely be measured. There are many types of tools and equipments such as Kirlian photography machine, biosensor equipments and bioforce meter. Also some simple are dowsing pendulum and 'L' and 'Y' rods. But these need a good experience to handle. 

Also explained in the book - Is this method of pyramid Yantra used widely and proven effective?  What is Pyra Net? and how can I be benefited?   Is pyra card alone enough to solve my problem?  Which is the best card? Is there a special day or time to prepare my pyra card?  Can I earn spiritual wealth by spreading this to my friends and relatives?


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