Happy Family & Children- Pyramid Spiritual Yantra on sale
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Happy Family & Children- Pyramid Spiritual Yantra
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Pyracard - Job and Promotion
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Pyracard - Marriage and Love
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Pyracrd - Success and Progress
Happy Family & Children- Pyramid Spiritual Yantra
Happy Family & Children- Pyramid Spiritual Yantra
Happy Family & Children- Pyramid Spiritual Yantra

Happy Family & Children- Pyramid Spiritual Yantra

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For Family and Children -Pyramid Yantra for Good fortune, Health and wealth. This is a proven new innovative way to protect you and your family with pyramid vastu and yantra technique.

Family and children pyramid yantra is a ready to use method. Remove the transparent plastic shield in the backside. Paste your photo behind the space provided and sign below the signing area. And replace the plastic shield. Now place the pyramid fama yantra in your left hand, Pyramids facing upwards. Gently place your right hand on the top. Repeat your wish daily. Now place your Pyra Card in your pocket or purse and explore the power of pyramid yantra! Just keep in the wallet, purse or somewhere near to you, preferably in the pocket. With your photo and sign, the yantra will start transmitting positive energy to make your wishes come true. There are different cards for each situation.

There are 9 pre-energized and programmed copper pyramids with gold plated disc behind.

There are different personal pyramid yantra cards for you.

Happy family and children - Pyramid yantra For you. Unlock the unseeen psychic energy.

This yantra is used to harmonize the relation between your spouse children and loved ones. The emitting energy from this famaa pyramid card strenghten your ties with the family and children and also it corrects the imbalances in energies due to the planetary positions of the members of your family. It also nulllify the negative impact or any problems in your family, provided you use it properly and very personally. To make this personal, you should follow the procedure mentioned above. Your photo has power. And the power is enhanced by the copper pyramids and famaa yantra in the family and children pyramid card yantra.

This is an proven way for family luck and harmony and it will give you miraculous results. It is available for various purposes. Select one or many cards according to your need. Benefit with unique features like pre-programmed 9 copper pyramids and a gold base disc at the bottom. Also explore the power of inbuilt FaMa yantra on the top for optimal results.

What is the secret of happy family and children?

In a happy family, all members including chidren and your loved ones uplift each other and there is an ecstacy that prevails in their interaction. When parents come home, children are happy and children come home parents are happy.

Swap stories with children.When they come from school, ask them what happned in school or tell a story for them. As a parent, you come home dejected and swiych on the TV and show no interest to your kids, why they should be happy to see you?

Marriage is first. In some families, kids come firstand they become substitute providers of love. This is an unfair burden on kids and bad for families as the kids will move out from the home eventually.

Eat together. and staty together. Family dinners are time to connect each other.Have a few dinners together, experts says.

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