Pyra Navagraha-Solve Navagraha Dosha on sale
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Navagraha Dosha pyramids
Jupiter-Guru Dosha-Yantra
Ketu Dosha Yantra-Navagraha Pyramid
Kuja Dosha Nivaran Yantra-remedy
Pyra Navagraha -set of 9
Pyra Navagraha-Solve Navagraha Dosha
Pyron Mercury - Business
Pyron Moon – Calm Mind
Pyron Rahu – Status
Pyron Saturn – Happiness
Pyron Sun - Vitality
Pyron Venus - Luxury
Pyra Navagraha-Solve Navagraha Dosha
Pyra Navagraha-Solve Navagraha Dosha
Pyra Navagraha-Solve Navagraha Dosha

Pyra Navagraha-Solve Navagraha Dosha

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Pyra Navagraha - For empowering and get tuned the for the better effects of 9 Navagrahas in your horoscope.

The ancient symbols of grahas or planets on this yantra is made of copper very carefully with precision, so that the energy each planet can be tuned to good and positive energy for the person who is using it personally. It gives you all round prosperity and peace of mind. It should be placed personally with the person in office, shop or bedroom or pooja room. We energize your pyra navagraha with your name, date of birth and place of birth before sending it.

How to use?

Once you receive the pyra navagraha, keep the yantra in the left and and put your right hand on the top and pray and energize the yantra with your pranic energy. Then keep it with you or hand it near to you. Do this regularly. Then it will get energized more and the rays that are emitting from the nine panets or navagrahs that affects you become positive and tuned. Thus you get the most benefits from the nine planets that controls your life.

Pyra Navagraha is separately available for each planet if you have problems or doshas in horoscope as per the expert examination of your horoscope. These are the pyra yantras avaiable.

Available for 9 Navagrahas. It includes

Pyron Sun-Vitality,
Pyron Moon-Calm Mind,
Pyron Mars-Courage,
Pyron Mercury-Business,
Pyron Jupiter-Spirituality,
Pyron Venus-Luxury,
Pyron Saturn-Happiness,
Pyron Rahu-Status
Pyron Ketu-Prosperity

In Hindu Astrology, there are nine planets that influence our lives, called Navagrahas.

The meaning of Nava’ is nine. ’Graha’ is planet. The varoius positions of planets or grahas at the time of human birth will have influence on his actions and reaction to different situations in his life. All human life has it its ups and downs. Improper planetary alignment for an individual in the horoscope is called as a “navagraha dosha” or negative influence. Due to the ill positioned planets. people fall into depression and certain low moods. This stagnation or bad time may last for some period based on the power of the planet. However this can be changed with intelligence. Connecting to the great cosmic intelligence to avert any hindrances in life and to bestow tremendous peace and success in life, Navagraga pooja is conducted.

You might have noticed that as the Moon or chandran grows (Purinma) in first half of the month, the waves in the sea rises and their aggression will subsides as we approach no moon day (Amavasya). According to this vedic science, all the grahas and their positions, have influence on human body and mind. 

what is Navagraha Puja?

Navagraha Puja is a Vedic ritual which produces immense positive energy, and helps people to gain courage to face any situation in their lives. The Vedic ritual performed traditionally for these nine planets (Navagrahas) dilutes the negative influences and infuses peace and prosperity. With the blessing of these nine planets, human being can attain good health, wealth, prosperity, Education and Knowledge. Navagraha Pooja is a collection of powerful rituals performed to the idols.

The navagraha yantra also helps to get the same if used properly. Energise it and make it personal. It will start working for you. And this is permanent.

Navagraha Homa

Homa is fire ritual and an intense spiritual practice which becomes powerful meditation technique when performed with devotion. We invoke the cosmic energy and visualize it in the fire.  Offerings to the deity are offered through the fire.   

‘Nava’ means nine. ’Graha’ means planets. As per Vedic Astrology, there are nine planets that influence our lives. The position of planet at the time of human birth will have influence on his actions and reaction to different situations in his life. Every Life as it is has its ups and downs. With there is improper planetary alignment for an individual it is called as a “dosha” or negative influence. Due to these “Navagraha doshas” people fall into depression and certain low moods. This low period may last for some period based on the power of the planet. However this can be averted with intelligence. Connecting to the cosmic intelligence through fire ritual and to avert any hindrances in life and to bestow tremendous peace and success in life, Navagraga Homa is conducted. 

With Navagraha homa not only the doshas with the body but the space in which the ritual happens and the people who attend the ritual will all be benefited and blessed. Through this homa when done as a personal spiritual practice, the energy is brought from the nirvanic to the physical layer through all subtle layers and radiate. This homa ritual not only helps in spiritual growth but with the offerings it radiates and heals the space and the others who attend this fire ritual. 

The following is the brief explanation about each graha and its influence on human kind. 

Surya (Sun)

Surya or Sun is the most powerful living God - whom everyone can see, perceive and pray. Presiding deity of this planet is God Siva.  Sun bestows good health and prosperity.

Chandra (Moon)

Moon is the planet, which rules over mind and gives success. Chandra or Moon is a lovable God - Pleasing to the children as well as elders, universally appealing to everyone whatever may be the religion. Goddess Parvathi rules the planet. 

Moon is considered as very important planet for astrological predictions. The Moon, at the time of birth is found in a particular star and it will be taken as the star of the person born. 

Kuja (Mars)

Mars is the planet, which gives prosperity and wealth.  Angaraka or Mars is regarded as a God of martial character, red in every aspect. Even the Romans held him as their Guru. He is the Son of Earth and is ruled by Lord Subramanya.

Bhudha (Mercury)

Mercury is the planet which gives knowledge. Bhudha or Mercury is considered as the greatest among the wise. This Devata bestows wisdom and wealth on his devotees. He is ruled by Lord Maha Vishnu.

Guru (Jupiter)

Jupiter gives education and knowledge. Brihaspati is the Guru (Jupiter). He results in a cure from ailments and helps one cleanse his/her negative emotions and gives strength, valour, longevity, etc. He grants the boon of fatherhood to the childless, good education (Vidya). He is ruled by Lord Dakshinamurthy.

Sukra (Venus)

Venus gives the knowledge of art, music etc. Sukra or Venus is the bestower of long life, wealth, happiness, children, property and good education. He is ruled by Goddess Mahalakshmi.   

Sani (Saturn)

Saturn gives happiness. Saniswara or Saturn, is generally known to affect one adversely on occasions when he occupies certain positions in one's horoscope. A prayer to him, especially on Saturdays, is said to mitigate the hardships one will have to face during these periods. Saniswara is considered equally a bestower of all benefits to the devotees who pray sincerely to him. He is ruled by Lord Yama.

Rahu (Ascending node of the Moon)

Rahu makes the life stronger. Rahu is instrumental in strengthening ones power and converting even any enemy into a friend.

Ketu (Descending node of the Moon)

Kettu brings prosperity to the devotee's family removes the effect of bad, illness arising out of poisonous matter entering one's body. He grants good health, wealth and all round prosperity. 

Indian Astrology associates the following planets with the gods/goddesses as follows: Sun: Lord Siva Moon: Goddess Parvathi Mars: Lord Karthikeya (Subramanya) Mercury: MahaVishnu Jupiter: Lord Dakshinamurthi Venus: Mahalakshmi Saturn: Lord Yama Rahu: Goddess Durga Kethu: Lord Ganesa or Indra.

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