Arthi Deep - Brass on sale
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Arthi Deep - Brass
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Arthi Deep - Brass

Arthi Deep - Brass

Price: $5.90
Length: 7
Weight: 90G
Product id: D7043 BDHBRN95-7
Availability: In stock

Arthi Deep is made of Brass. Length - 7" Weight - 90g

Performing Aarti/arti is an easy and beautiful medium to light the lamp of devotion and obtain the grace of God and blessing.

It is an essential unavoidable part in homa and pooja. Strong belief and experience is necessary to understand the importance of spiritual practice. Belief created through verbal information leads to spiritual practices which in turn direct a person to invaluable spiritual experiences. This leads to faith and the individual starts doing more spiritual sadhanas. Moving further to spiritual practices, one begins to have spiritual emotions, which finally culminates into self-realization and that is a state of Bliss.

Neither do our merits save us nor sins destroy us, only spiritual emotion can save us. Some devotees equate spiritual emotion with faith. But that is incorrect as faith is said to be three fold - three fold meaning sattvik, rajasik and tamasik, depending on the three components (sattva, raja and tama). Spiritual emotion is trigunatit i.e. beyond the three gunas

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